Prepare your business for Christmas 22nd November 2017

If you’re in the retail or hospitality game, it’s never too early to get your business ready for the festive frenzy.

For many retail and hospitality businesses the festive season is by far the busiest time of the year. Nonetheless, many shops, restaurants, hotels and travel agents make less than they otherwise might due to insufficient planning, poor risk management or failing to convert first-time buyers into long-term customers.   

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How SMEs can protect themselves from multi-vector attacks 22nd November 2017

Is your small business at risk of cyber attacks?

We investigate what multi-vector cyberattacks are and why they are particularly relevant to small businesses.

It’s no secret that cyberattacks continue to pose a big threat for small businesses. While awareness of cyber threats is at an all-time high, attacks remain both prevalent and successful. In fact, the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s recently released 2017 Threat Report revealed that 47,000 cyber security incidents were recorded in 2016-17 alone. In today’s world of increasingly sophisticated cybercrime, one of the most dangerous advances has been the multi-vector attack.

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How to shield your small business from a downturn 7th September 2017

Knowing your figures and keeping a lid on costs can help your small business survive challenging times.

In March 2017, Australia took the record for the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in the developed world. But while business owners have enjoyed 26 years of good times, an Australian property market crash or international political instability could see consumers slamming shut their wallets and purses.

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What is Cyber Protection Insurance? 19th July 2017

What is Cyber Protection Insurance?

Cyber protection insurance is a relatively new form of cover. It’s designed to help protect your business from the financial impact of computer hacking or a data breach.

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Almost all hacker insurance policies are held by companies in the United States 6th June 2017

NEARLY nine out of 10 “hacker insurance” policies in the world are taken out in the United States, but demand around the world is about to spike.

MANY companies outside the United States including Australia may not have cover for a recent computer-system attack, leaving them potentially with millions of dollars of losses because there has been relatively little take-up of cyber insurance, experts say.

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Australia and China joins forces against cyber threats 3rd May 2017

A few days after a high-level security dialogue between China and Australia in Sydney, the two countries have agreed to enhanced cyber security cooperation.

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Queensland braces for ‘destructive’ Debbie 30th March 2017

Tropical Cyclone Debbie is on course to make landfall in Queensland tomorrow, as the state braces for what could be its biggest storm since Yasi in 2011.

The Category 3 storm is predicted to continue moving west-southwest towards the north Queensland coast, bringing sustained winds of 100kmh.

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Email attacks dominate SME cyber breaches 30th March 2017

Phishing or email scams account for more than half of cyber attacks suffered by Australian SMEs, according to a survey by cyber-security group Symantec.

One in 10 SMEs has been affected by ransomware attacks, and 34% of those paid the average ransom of $4677 in exchange for their stolen data.

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Fels links home policy prices to market failure 30th March 2017

NSW Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor Allan Fels has attracted industry criticism after saying wide price differences for home cover suggest competition is deficient and providers are making it difficult for consumers to compare policies.

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) says price divergence reflects policy variations in a highly competitive market, while the industry is taking steps to look at comparability options.

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